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Highway No.2 (version 1.0.0) for MudRunner

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Finally! Where have you been so long?! What do you mean by „accident“? Is it somehow related to size of your convoy? If I recall it correctly, there supposed to be 8 trucks AND mobile workshop and fuel tanker! Ok, never mind, we WILL talk about this later…
Now, do your best with what you managed to keep. I have a deal with local trade post for a certain amount of fine wood. Official logging site for us (and by US, I mean YOU) is straight up at the north. That is the only place that is allowed to cut down trees in this area. I personally suspect them for not being able to fulfil whole our demands so, however that is officially forbidden, I don’t care if you use also those, let’s say, “less official” logging sites at the north-east. But be aware of the fact, that local authorities will do whatever needed to stop you from that. I have no idea how they maintain main road to that official site, but rest will be even worse for sure. Just my opinion.
Also, I’ve heard that there is some merchant at the area, that sells wood. I have no idea where that wood is from and, honestly, I don’t care, because I FORBID you from going there! If there is something that I hate even more than your bills for fuel, those are bills for overpriced wood from some local gold-digger. Don’t even THINK about going THERE!
Because you proved yourself as very “competent” at certain points, I’ll try to make a deal with that elder mechanic living in what used to be a workshop. Try to get him some parts (that is YOUR business where you get them) and hopefully he will support you. But be ready to repay his generosity at least with some firewood or something.
I’ve checked the area in advance and this should be an easy task, unless some disaster happened recently so keep my trucks off the water. I hate when they rust!
Everything needed is on the map, so you can switch starting vehicles as you wish

62.998 MB
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