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Forum Rules

The forum has the following list of rules. Before you start communicating, please familiarize yourself with it. Creating any topic or comment you automatically accept them:

  1. It is forbidden to flame and flood, offtopic, spam, use obscene words and phrases.
  2. It is forbidden to place mods that were modified without the consent of the author.
  3. The publication of advertising, referral links, spam and viruses is prohibited.
  4. It is forbidden to negatively respond to other forum members. Engage in destructive criticism with negative emotions (anger, irritation, impatience, aggression, etc.)
  5. It is forbidden to add video-photo materials that are not related to the game SpinTires / MudRunner. (This rule does not apply to the Offtopic section)
  6. It is forbidden to place links to other sites and groups of the Vkontakte site, advertising links to newsletters, to any selling sites, etc. without prior approval from the forum administration. The forum administration reserves the right to leave / delete / edit all links posted in the forum, without giving any reason.
  7. It is forbidden to depreciate the material of the forum or someone's comments without a clear evidence base.
  8. The administration has the right to apply to the forum member who violated the rules, administrative measures without prior notice.
  9. The administration is not responsible for any materials posted on the forum by its participants or other persons, but to the best of its ability and capabilities, it prevents all violations in accordance with these Rules.

Violation of the following points will be followed by immediate permanent blocking.

  1. It is forbidden to stir up conflicts on the basis of national, religious, gender or racial hatred.
  2. It is forbidden to distribute pirated content (links to pirated versions of the game).

Claims are accepted by any member of the forum administration.
If you do not agree with any item of the Rules, you can leave our forum. In case of violation of the Rules, administrators will help you with this. Claims and complaints are accepted in an adequate form. If in the letter expressing your dissatisfaction there are phrases "scheerali", "cho", "what" and other interjections, including those containing incredible indignation accompanied by a large number of punctuation symbols are not accepted, the author of the letter is deprived of the opportunity to write even the administrator. Naturally, such letters will remain unanswered.


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