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How to make a bug report

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In order to make the information easier to organize and process, a big request to formulate the problems found in accordance with the following template:

  • The name of the bug / problem (its name in the topic)
  • Steps to play
  • Expected results
  • Platform
  • Detailed description (must have a screenshot or video)


Title: PC: Z-fighting effect of railroad textures under the bridge

Steps to play:

  1. Start the game,
  2. Go to the map (the name of the map from the base) at the indicated coordinates (coordinates)
  3. Near the bridge, hold down the right mouse button and start rotating the camera
  4. Pay attention to the Z-fighting effect of railroad textures that are adjacent to each other.

Expected results: Z-fighting effect of railway textures, absent when the camera rotates

Platform: PC

Description: when you rotate the camera on the map (map name), there is a Z-fighting effect of two adjacent railroad textures under the bridge



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